Vastu Tips For Home : How to Arrange furniture According to Vastu Shastra

Furniture holds a central role in the makeup of a home, but it's worth noting that the arrangement of furniture can also be of great significance. According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, the way you position your furniture can impact the energies it attracts and its interaction with different compass directions.

Arranging your furniture with consideration for Vastu Shastra can influence the overall ambiance and energy of your home. In this blog, we aim to provide guidance on how to arrange furniture in accordance with Vastu Shastra principles for various rooms, with the belief that following these guidelines can invite prosperity and positive energies into your living space.

Vastu Tips for the Living Room:

  • In the living room, it's recommended to keep the eastern and northern areas as uncluttered as possible, avoiding the placement of heavy furniture.
  • For a positive energy flow and stability, it is advised for the homeowners to have designated seating in the South-West section of the living room.
  • To ensure the functionality of the TV and to avoid disruption of positive vibrations, careful placement is recommended, avoiding positions facing doors and the South-West direction.

Vastu Tips for the Kitchen and Dining Room:

vastu tips for kitchen


  • Grain storage and pantry are ideally located in the North-West or South-West corners of the kitchen, symbolizing abundance.
  • In case of a modular kitchen with multiple storage directions, it's recommended to store various grains in the North-West corner.
  • Placing refrigerators in the South-East or West directions is advised, with the door facing east.
  • Avoid positioning garbage bins in the North-East corner.
  • It is considered inauspicious to place a TV in a way that it directly faces the dining table.
  • When dining, it's ideal to face the East quadrant.

Vastu Tips for Placing Furniture in the Bedroom:

vastu tips for bedroom

  • The bed's orientation is crucial. Placing the head towards the south or east is believed to enhance memory, while facing the south direction promotes restful sleep.
  • Avoid placing the bed with the head in the north, as it may lead to neurological disorders and mental health issues.
  • Wardrobes are best placed in the west, south, or south-west direction of the bedroom. If they open in the north direction, they are thought to bring good luck and harmony.
  • Positioning the dressing table or mirror to the side of the bed is recommended to minimize family conflicts.
  • It is generally advisable to keep electronic devices, such as televisions, out of the bedroom.
  • Lamp tables and heaters are recommended to be placed in the southern direction of the bedroom, avoiding the northern side.

Additional Vastu Tips for the Bedroom:

  • Avoid placing the bed across from the bathroom.
  • Refrain from positioning a mirror directly opposite the bed.
  • Choose subtle colors for bedroom furniture to promote positivity.
  • Remove old or damaged furniture from the bedroom.

Vastu Tips for Placing Furniture in the Study Room:

vastu tips for study room


  • When arranging the study table, it's recommended for children to face either the East or North direction to enhance concentration and productivity.
  • It's advisable to leave open space around the study table rather than attaching it to a wall.

In conclusion, having a Vastu-compliant home is believed to contribute to a harmonious family life filled with love, peace, compatibility, and abundance. However, it's important to recognize that these guidelines are based on traditional beliefs and lack scientific validation. The arrangement of furniture should ultimately align with your personal preferences, comfort, and functional needs. Whether you choose to incorporate Vastu Shastra principles or not, your home's furniture arrangement should reflect your unique lifestyle and style. Feel free to share which of these tips you plan to apply in your home in the comments section below.

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