7 Horse Painting - Vastu Importance, Benefits and Placement

Horse paintings have played a vital role in interior design for years, evoking a positive response with their strong association with attributes like achievement, strength, progress, and peace. The inclusion of a 7 horse painting can be a powerful way to infuse positive energy into your living space.

According to Vastu Shastra, choosing the right decor, especially when it comes to wall adornments like paintings, photos, or wall hangings, can significantly impact the energy in your living environment. Proper placement of paintings can harness positive energy. Let's delve deeper into the significance of the 7 horse painting, from understanding its symbolism to ensuring its correct placement within the home.

The 7 horse painting prominently features seven galloping horses - 


Significance of the Number 7 in Horse Paintings: The number 7 holds a special and auspicious meaning. Across various cultures and traditions, it is associated with purity and luck. Consider the seven colors of the rainbow, seven oceans, seven constellations, and seven ancient sages (Saptarishi) in India. Even Hindu wedding ceremonies involve seven sacred vows. This number carries profound positive connotations.

Significance of the Seven Horses in the 7 Horse Painting: In Hinduism, the depiction of seven horses is linked to Surya Dev, the Sun God, whose chariot is drawn by these majestic creatures. This connection imbues the horse painting with auspiciousness.

According to Vastu principles, the seven horses symbolize strength and success. Their dynamic, running posture signifies speed and progress towards a positive and successful life. Hanging a 7 horse painting in your home or office is believed to help dispel negative energy, a common obstacle to growth. Additionally, a 3-horse painting is thought to be beneficial for resolving financial issues.

Choosing the Right Direction for Placement: The orientation of the 7 horse painting within your living room, bedroom, office, or commercial space is crucial according to Vastu Shastra. The South direction is considered optimal for displaying the seven-horse painting within your home. This direction is associated with success and fame, making it an ideal placement. If you lack a suitable South-facing wall, the North or East directions are also deemed suitable for showcasing horse paintings. It's important to ensure that the horses' faces are directed toward the interior of the room, not facing the door, as this may have negative implications. The presence of chains, leashes, or ropes on the horses in the painting should be avoided.

Enhancing Positivity with Sunrise or Sea Backgrounds: For an even more auspicious effect, consider a 7 horse painting with a sunrise in the background. This addition is believed to boost financial stability and attract success, aligning with Vastu Shastra principles. Paintings featuring a sea backdrop, where horses gallop near the shore, are also favorable. These settings are thought to invite positive energies and promote productivity in both home and office environments.

Additional Reasons for Placing a 7 Horse Painting: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a running horse painting carries several meaningful benefits according to Vastu Shastra:

  • Speed Symbolism: Running horses symbolize speed and progress. Placing such a painting on the east wall of your home or office can encourage progress in various activities.

  • Historical Significance: Horses were historically used for transportation, and the planet Venus is associated with horses, adding to their significance in placement.

  • Financial Stability: Vastu Shastra suggests that having a 7 horse painting in your home can contribute to financial stability.

  • Feng Shui Perspective: Feng Shui also associates horses with speed, courage, and perseverance. An eight-horse painting, for example, is believed to invite good fortune and prosperity across various life aspects.

  • Color Symbolism: Different colors in horse paintings can hold significance. A red background represents Mars, boosting confidence, while a blue background is associated with Saturn and promotes harmony.

Tips for Placing Horse Paintings: Consider these factors before hanging a galloping horse painting:

  • Ensure the horses' expressions convey peace rather than aggression.
  • Opt for white horses when selecting a 7 horse painting, as white symbolizes peace, success, growth, and prosperity.
  • Follow Vastu-compliant directions for placement.
  • Avoid paintings with backgrounds depicting negative or turbulent conditions.
  • Choose a painting that resonates positively with you, as it should evoke happiness.
  • Refrain from hanging the painting in the bedroom, study room, pooja room, main door, or near the bathroom.
  • Ensure that the horses run symmetrically without obstacles on land.
  • Opt for an odd number of horses in the painting, avoiding single horses.
  • Confirm that the painting features complete horse images.
  • Ensure the painting's size is proportionate to the room.
  • Choose a durable and Vastu-friendly medium like canvas or wood for the painting.

Placement Considerations for the Living Room: The living room is the preferred location for a 7 horse painting, as it is believed to bring luck and positivity to both the home and its occupants. Ensure that it adheres to Vastu recommendations and avoid hanging it near windows or the main entrance.

Selecting Your Painting: When choosing a 7 horse painting, keep these factors in mind:

  • Understand the symbolism of horse colors in the painting.
  • Prioritize your emotional response to the painting; it should evoke happiness and positivity.
  • Ensure the horses are not depicted swimming in water.
  • Consider a painting with Saturn-inspired hues for added harmony and serenity.

Avoiding Bedroom Placement: Vastu Shastra advises against placing a 7 horse painting in the bedroom. Steer clear of the bedroom, as well as the study room, pooja room, and walls facing the main door of the bathroom.

Symbolism in Vastu and Feng Shui: Horses have a longstanding association with traits like courage, vitality, and royalty. In Vastu, horses are considered auspicious, with each horse symbolizing different aspects of life. Feng Shui views horses as representative of the fire element, linked to inspiration, recognition, passion, and fame.

In Chinese tradition, horses also possess vitality and are associated with Yang energy, known for its speed and brightness. Horses are believed to bring courage, endurance, fidelity, and strength. They are even seen as distantly related to dragons, signifying good luck and stability in relationships.

Meaning and Benefits of a 3 Horse Painting: A 3 horse painting is also regarded as auspicious, symbolizing determination, achievement, speed, loyalty, and victory. Placing it in your living room is believed to usher in luck and enhance residents' chances of success. From a Feng Shui perspective, a 3 horse painting is thought to promote positive energy, joy, happiness, speed, freedom, and confidence. It can help remove obstacles and boost self-assuredness.

In conclusion, a 7 horse painting holds deep symbolism related to achievement, determination, speed, opportunity, control, and good fortune. Consider incorporating one into your home or office, aligning with Vastu Shastra principles for optimal placement. Such a painting may facilitate luck and prosperity, remove obstacles, encourage growth, and add an elegant and luxurious touch to your decor. Surrounding yourself with positive energy, as guided by Vastu, can contribute to a happy and prosperous life, promoting both positive vibes and wealth in your business.

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